Inner terrestrials (Punk-Reggae)

Artiste/Groupe : Inner terrestrials
Style : Punk-Reggae
Titre : X
Adresse :
Pays : Angleterre
Année : 2004

Texte :

You’re making me ill, you’re making me ill
And now I hear you’re coming in for the kill
The world will have to swallow a bitter pill
If Frankenstein’s science imposes its will

Dead rivers flow where no wild plants grow
Just herbicide resistant GMO
A saturated land, a devious plan
A prototype emerges half-cabbage half-man

World seed stock tanted by some small percent
Test sites next to organic farms
No way back now, we gave no consent
Our choice was no matter the money was spent

This is insane, you think or wealth gained
Untill only a desert of mono-culture remains
Science plays god, us under the knife
You dare talk to me about patents on life

Our lives !