Harneilta (Punk)

Artiste/Groupe : Harneilta
Style : Punk
Titre : Circus entertainment
Adresse : http://www.listen.to/harnleita
Pays : Allemagne
Année : 2002

Texte :

Banished into a cage they are waiting for the show disturbed and tormented, nowhere else to go.
A criminal on helpless experienced torture just for your amusement, they are suffering for !
Look into its face it exists for you to waste its life - full of pain your perversions to maintain !
How much did you pay to sweeten your free time is it enough for your conscience to justify this crime ?
Your cheap entertainment costs their freedom and their health exploitation of defenceless maximises someone’s wealth !

It’s just up to you if you take part of it !
Boycott this cruelty boycott this stupid shit !
And realize that animals are no toys for entertainment
This circus-torture has to come to an end !